2012 Wife Husband Championships, Rogersville, AL - Day 2


The day started out as another winter day in Rogersville, about 5 degrees colder than day 1 and a little more wind.  But that did not stop the hearty Flying Scot sailors from trekking out for another day on the water.  The winds settled a bit and we had about the same as day 1, 10-14 knots, perhaps a few times as much as 15.  And by race 2 the big ball of fire in the sky appeared and warmed us all up tremendously.  The race committee continued with the practice of flying the "round the ends rule" flag, so we had no general recalls.  After 2 great races, we were back into shore by 1:00 PM.  time to pack up and go home!   A few people tried to give the Lintons a run for their money and places changed quite a bit from day 1, but in the end the Lintons take home the 1st place trophy.  Along with their win the NAC this year, they must have lots of Flying Scot hardware at home - an inspiration to all of us!  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, provided by your Flying Scot Foundation, were given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in both divisions, and were awarded by the Jenkins children along with flowers for the wives.  A big thanks to Willson and Bonnie Jenkins for all their hard work and for running a great regatta.

Thanks to everyone for coming and congratulations to all the trophy winners.  First place in the two divisions went to: Championship - Jeff and Amy Linton,  Challenger - Charlie and Lisa Buller.  Final full results are here: