2012 Wife Husband Championships, Rogersville, AL - Day 1


We weren’t sure if we were at the Midwinters or the Wife-Husband today at Lake Joe Wheeler in Rogersville, AL.  But in fact it was the Wife-Husbands, hosted by the Privateer and Muscle Shoals fleets.  Many couples went out wearing winter caps and everyone had several layers of clothing to be prepared for to low 50’s, the cloudy weather and the wind. 

With shifty 10-14 knots winds, we finished all 3 scheduled races today, and despite the fact we were told that the water was much warmer than the air, none of us tested that and we stayed upright all day.  The first two starts resulted in general recalls, but the round the ends rule prevented the overzealous skippers from causing any more of that.

We came back in to a grilled salmon dinner, served under a shelter at the park in front of the fireplace, with a most excellent banana and caramel pudding for dessert.    In the background, shown on a portable inflatable movie screen, was a film of some of Muscle Shoals music recording history, followed by the movie “Wind”.  All in all a very nice day!  If you want to see how your favorite couple is doing so far, look here:

(Edited to point to final results)