2012 Flying Scot NAC - on our way home



We left this morning from Lake Carlyle where it was 92° at 8am and we knew we were extremely grateful that the RC got us off the water yesterday.  We watched the temperature go up to 109° at one point and then we saw the weather coming.  The temperature dropped 30°, the winds were reported as high as 80 knots and the camper was being blown around a bit along with the trailer.  We took shelter at a comfort food stop where we gorged on shakes and cheese fries!  Glad we were not anywhere near a lake at that time. 


I know we had a great event this week  at the NAC and I am sorry for those of you who missed out - hope you can make it next time!  If not, think about attending a local regatta or your Districts.  There are the ACCs and Wife-Husbands later this year that you might consider.  These events are loads of fun and help us all become better sailors as we compete against some of our really great teams and really good friends.


One thing that came up this week resulted in several emails, a few Facebook posts, texts and phone calls and I want to explain to all our readers out there.  For a variety of reasons, there were challenges with scoring and we were unable to make them available as timely as we would have liked.  What I can tell you is that we made them available within minutes of when they were made available to us.  We tried to keep you informed every day as the events unfolded.  We can promise you that we will make every attempt to ensure the challenges we faced this time will be overcome for future Flying Scot regattas.  thanks for your understanding and patience.  The important thing is we had a great event and we sailed it in our very favorite boat with many great friends.


See you on the water,

Diane Kampf, President