2012 Flying Scot NAC at Lake Carlyle, IL - Day 3



We started this beautiful sunny 85° day with 25+ knot winds are were told it could build from there.   Skippers and crews were discussing whether they would venture out in these conditions, including us.  While several decided not to go, Greg and I decided to go out and come back in if it was too much for us.  We have still not used our band new sails because we don't want to blow them out the first time we use them.  When we got in the water the wind had laid down a bit and as we approached the race :purse, it was down to a manageable 12 knots. 


We were 8th or 9th rounding the windward mark, raised the chute and took off...until the spinnaker halyard let go and dropped the sail in the water.  Not to be outdone, on the next downwind, I used the jib halyard to raise the chute and had an excellent downwind leg.  We now have the results showing who made the cut and will sail Championship and who will sail Challenger starting tomorrow.  The fun has just begun!