2012 Dixie Lakes travel Series


The 2012 Dixie Lakes Travel Series included 7 regattas, one at each of the 7 member clubs in the Dixie Lakes District  -- Muscle Shoals hosted the 2012 Wife-Husband Regatta and therefore did not hold their annual Dixie Lakes Series regatta in 2012 -- plus the 2012 Dixie Lakes District Championships at Lake Lanier.  63 skippers entered at least one of these 7 events, while 15 skippers entered more than once.  For scoring purposes, competitors are awarded one point for entering a regatta and one point for each boat they beat in the event.  The skipper amassing the most points in the series is awarded the Charles and Nancy Fowler Trophy.  The 2012 winner was Dixie Lakes District Governor Sandy Eustis, who triumphed rather easily.  Eustis, sailing these events exclusively with his lovely wife Keith, explained his dominance by noting that he finished among the top 3 boats in 4 of the 5 events he entered, and that only one other skipper (Tim Pack), entered as many events -- thus proving that just showing up is sometimes good enough.   Scores for the 15 skippers who entered multiple events in the 2012 Dixie Lakes Travel Series were as follows:

5610 Sandy Eustis 61
5152 Rob Fowler 42
3979 Sam Secrest 38
5357 Tom Clark 37
5090 Tim Pack 36
GYA 99 Corky Hadden 35
2677 John Kreidler 26
3689 Joel Verplank 25
5673 Ryan Gaskin 22
5075 Bill Robertson 17
3438 Scott Adams 15
453 Kurt Heckert 10
4087 Paul Healy 8
5962 Ian Buchanan 6
2080 Michael Baker 3