Go Pro Setups

Santa brought me a GOPRO Hero3.  I have watched many different FS videos and want to know how folks setup their cameras for the best view (mounts, position etc).  I am sure I could mount on the tiller, but the potential for a video of the skipper's ample posterior would notmake for good theater.
Any pictures would be most helpful.
M Jones, FS5846

I mount mine on the tiller, just aft of where the tiller extention "ends".
This is the view youget....

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Which mount do you use? Adhesive mount?  Or have you bolted a mount on the tiller?

I used the adhesive "flat" mount, but then I got nervous, so I drilled two countersunk holes, and used wood screws as an extra precaution.  I also have a tether on the case that is looped around the tiller.  

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Be advised, the flotation 'pillow' only has enough buoyancy to float the camera and its case...not strong enough to float a mount. So the tether is very important.