Shrink wrap for winter storage


United States

Anyone in the northern states use shrink wrap for winter storage? Do you use the mast for wrap support? Any issues that I should know? 
I've just lost my $250 a year inside storage after 25 years. Need a new plan.

My boat lives on its trailer under a "trailing/mooring cover" from the Sailors Tailor.  They advertise in Scots&Water.  In the summer my boat is at the boatyard of a nearby yacht club, parked close to their boat ramp, with the mast up;  in the winter she lives in my own yard, with the mast down, which supports the cover and creates a nicely sloped "roof".  Enough tiedowns to be quite secure.  I am on my 2nd cover -- I got about 15 years out of the first one.  Thus, quite economical.   Hope this helps!