The Palm

Has anyone installed The Palm?  If so, any feedback?  Thanks 


I have The Palm installed and I love how it keeps th mainsheet  clear of the transom. Assure that you have the proper tension on the large rigging ring.I pushed the boom all the way out and then tensioned the shock cord attached to the boom gooseneck assuring the mainsheet clears the transom. I used a rigging ring placed around the gooseneck to allow attachment of the shock cord with out interference and attached shock cord with hog ring eliminating bulky knot..

I have a 'palm' and also made it much as described above.  On my first one, I used a stainless steel 3" diameter ring.  It worked well, but banged on the deck from time to time.  On my second and all subsequent ones, I have gotten a section of 3" diameter PVC pipe and cut a piece off about 1/2 to 3/4 inch long.  I filed the edges to make them reasonably smooth and attached the shock cord with a hog ring and now have much lighter and 'quieter' palms.  

These are easy to make and don't cost much and do prevent the mainsheet from 'snagging' on the corners of the transom, especially when jibing.

Any Chance you could send a picture, please?


I am interested in trying this setup. Any Chance you could send a picture, please?