Buying Used

I don't know if this is the sort of thing generally posted here, but I have an opportunity to buy a 1972 Customflex Flying Scot near me for $2500 in "fair" condition.  It includes main and jib, anchors, and a trailer.

I'm keen on learning to sail (I've been a surfer for many years), and I've pretty much decided on a Flying Scot.  I was wondering if anyone here could offer some insight into buying used, what to look for, etc.  I've encountered a lot of information about soft hulls and rotted balsa, and issues with certain Customflex centerboard trunks.

I guess maybe I'm just asking for someone to weigh in.  It seems like it could hardly be a bad purchase at that price, but then again I have no idea what I'm doing.

Apologies if I'm spamming your forum with this, I'm just trying to do my due diligence.

Factory certified is safe.My customflex has a breach in the inside port hull.There is probably some rot inside.

I need help to find out the extent of the issue. This boat was rejected by a skipper in North Carolina.I was expecting to see the boat in a large barn.The sleet and freezing rain and the seller had her outside with a notorized bill of sale outside of Toledo felt exciting yet hasty.I have no Flying Scot boom.Rope halyards are not class legal.My rudder has pinta and Gudeon holders and not say class standard rudder post pin through both pivot points.I do have a 22 foot Columbia sail or Coronado with reef points.I have yet to sail her hull # 585.I have a sail from Pensacola.I have a patched main that warrants a Flying scot boom.I replaced a roller on the trailer so she sits on her keel and not the boards that guide the hull into the rollers.I added a hinge pin and mast step as 585 came with a stainless steel mast step apparatus that was a slot and drop style mast step.There is no paint on her aside from the green boot stripe.I bought a lighted compass from my local hardware store that is self correcting or self compensating.I bought a spinnaker.I hope to find more scots and have fun with friends and family any time we launch.I hope to sail to Selby or Deltaville in order to talk with other scot sailors about finding a boom.and spinnaker pole.There are 2 scots in Cambridge I have heard.The Admiral Byrd race ran last year.I need wire halyard for main and boom and a rear port,and a flotation device under my bow in order to be class legalI suppose the halyards could work as sheets after the wire is installed.Joining a yacht Club or a Sailing Club is a little pricey for a disabled IUOE land surveyor with 2 children at home and 1 in College and 1 working at Colonel Sanders all the way by Edwards Air Force Base.We plan to sail around The salt water areas on the Atlantic side. The vibrios bacteria is a real threat for waterman around Bishops Head,Maryland.

I have surfed with my Dad's scot # 121 No Nuffin.Won day we lead the fleet astray .Lost the race but got the hedline in the local rag sheet.  My centerboard looks good .She has not sailed now in 14 years. I bought the slot gasket. My Dad had 6 boys and 4 girls to help Flip her onto saw horses or compound and paint.Crew was always around.Off race days were easy going and bbq ashore at Fort Warren or Rainsford.We even sailed to Rockport for Distrcts or Lake Ponkapog .Boats shows were fun to watch the waterski vidioand Mr.Jones often found the parts we needed at his shop down in Cape Cod.Where ever you are .Please let me know should you pass on the customflex.