Sail Questions - a lot has changed !

Been out of sailing my Scot for almost 10 years! I need/want new sails and 'a lot' has changed over the years! I'd like some advice.

I believe my boat has a loose rig... Not sure. How can I tell ?

My sails were early 90's Schurr, Day Sailors with a reef - I used the reef a lot ! They and the boat were trashed in a squall. I'm just finishing the repairs. I single-hand sail in a moderate to more than moderate ocean breeze ( 10-20 kts ) w/ a variable sea chop from flat to 2' w/ boat and ferry wakes thrown in for good measure.

I have looked into Intensity sails due to their price (total-$500) and from what I can tell - quality, but understand that they are a 'race cut' - with no option for a loose cut. What does that mean ? North, Scurr, Guss etc all very pricey ! I would consider repairing an older set of sails before I part with the $ right now.

What is a loose, snug, tight fit ? Does it refer to the rig or the sails ? Does it refer to the jib and main ? What is an AP sail ?

I don't see myself racing as much as cruising around. Speed, Durability and Quality are of equal importance. A reef is a definite.

What do you recommend ?


I am not a sailmaker but here is some information . Racing Sails are cut and referred to by how you tune your boat. That is Loose Rig, Snug RIg or Tight rig. You will find specifics for each tuning for your boat on the sailmakers website. The jib is cut differently for each of these tunings, When you see race cut that is how the sail is cut too but it also could also be for one of the tunings above. If you need just cruising sails non-race cut sails are OK and less expensive. If you are going to race, the sails are cut more exact, will be measured and usually with a royalty label . You may try to find some used racing sails that are in good shape too. I have a Gus set main and jib that are snug rig listed For Sale in this forum: Here is the post:Posted - 07 Feb 2011 : 10:55:19
I have a Brand New set of Gus Sails Main and Snug Jib. The sails have never been hoisted. Main sail includes tapered battens, roll bag and royalty stickers. Main is $700, Jib is $400. I will sell both sails together for $950. I am located in Lake Eustis Florida. Fleet 150. I can also remove the battens, fold them, and ship.

Good luck. Read Greg Fishers Flying Scot information on the North Website.

Hi abl111 and welcome back to the Flying Scot family.

Generally, the rigging terms of loose, snug, or tight refers to the mast rake and stay tension. North Sails has a great tuning guide that defines their specifications for a loose, snug, or tight rig. See
Most older Scots were delivered with a loose rig.

I am not very familiar with Intensity sails and I wouldn't let the term racing cut scare a cruising sailor from these sails. Call Intensity and ask them about their rigging requirements.

AP refers to a new main sail model by North Sails. According to North, this is the ideal sail for crew weight under 450 lbs. or for those that like a slighter flatter sail.

My advice - call the sail manufacturers about used sails and post on this forum for used sails. The rigging is based on the sailor's preference. Most Scot sailors at our club sail with a snug rig. A snug rig also minimizes the wear on the bottom of the mast.

Hope this helps.

I had Schurrs from the 80's and they were loose rig.

Andy is right, the jib is cut to match the rig tension, which has a lot to do with how much the forestay sags, or not. North also has two mains. The LC1, for "larger citizens", and the AP, which is 'All Purpose" if your crew weight is lighter, like Al and Katie Terhune.

No matter what sails you buy, they should still measure-in for racing. If your sailmaker can't get the sails close enough to be legal, I would question the workmanship. Pay the $20 per sail, which goes to support the class, which helps the value of your boat, etc. Also, if you do want to race one day, you have legal sails.

North, Mad, Schurr, Gus, Quantum, Ullman, all make good sails. The Intensity's seem like a really low price, which could be a good value, but I have never seen them. I know they sell a good number of Laser practice sails. North also has a "recreational sail" line, for the Scot, which is lower priced and beefy cloth. If you have 20 year old sails, what sails do you want to use for the next twenty?

I have been happy with North Snug Rig, and switched from LC1 to AP main last year. The LC1 had more low-end grunt for bad chop, and the AP seems slipperier in smooth water conditions. North's Radial Spinnaker rules.

The Mad Sails seem well built and to have a good range of tuning. Ryan is also very supportive of the class.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086