Radial Spinnaker Wanted

I am looking to buy a used Radial Spinnaker in good condition, preferably made by North.

I purchased a new North radial spinnaker last fall for two reasons. First, my old cross cut spinnaker is on its last leg. Second, we are starting to race a bunch, and I have been told that the radial is faster.

I am now looking to buy a used radial for club racing and crusing, so that I can preserve the new one for regattas.


Hello, Just out of curiosity, is the radial chute really faster? I would want to make sure before I purchased one. It is more expensive to buy than a cross cut. The radial has a lot more hand work and the pannels have to be properly oriented from the roll of material so it costs more to make because it uses more cloth. With the pannels more in line with the stressess it probably lasts longer than a cross cut and keeps it's shape better. But consider, the same fabric we use on the Scot is used on sails that are four or five times the area on the Scot sail and on boats that are 10 or more times as heavy. So are the stressess that important on the Scot sail?. If the stress is really as large as on the big boat, the Scot is either sailing nearly directly downwind plane or it is turned over in the water due to the huge heeling moment.Also, do we sail in wind velocities as high as the big boats?. I suspect that purchasing three cross cuts are a better deal than two radials during the same number of elapsed years. Also, now that windwrd-leeward is more popular, a slightly stretched cross cut that no longer performs on a tight reach may be faster on the downwind leg of the windward - leward race course . Gabor FS 3512