Race Legal Roller Furling

I have tried a roller furling scheme on my Scot and liked it, however the rigging change needed for going back to the race legal standard scheme is a bother.
I would like to see roller furling be legal for racing. It is probably a racing disadvantage with the extra weight, and perhaps slightly smaller jib. On that rare occassion when the jib is lowered in light air on a spinnaker run it would be easier to furl than to lower the jib, but 99% of the time the jib stays hoisted on a spinnaker run.
I daysail with the Scot, single handed as well as with crew, and would like to be able to race as well without the hassle of a jib rig change. I race at the club level with occassional travel to regattas and an occasional first finish in a particular race.
It seems that after allowing cleats on the seat, underdeck spinnaker sheeting, and multiple type jib tensions ( none of which are on my boat) we could at least throw a bone to those of us interested in more than just racing in order to make the use of the boat more convenient for single handed sailing and for certain docking situations.
Race legal furling might increase sales. It might get a smidgen extra race participation on windy days from beginners or people not wanting to "fight" the boat in heavy wind. They could sail to the race course under main only.
Gabor Karafiath FS 3512, West River Sailing Club

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Sounds good to me---it's not a go-fast change.

At $700, it seems like an expensive adder. You might see a new round of development on new jibs for furlers and between better furling jibs and the chance to reduce the interference of the jib on the spinnaker, there may be conditions where it is an advantage.

Wouldn't it be fun to ruminate endlessly before a race on whether the furler is an advantage and put it on or take it off? Would I then need a furling jib, and a regular jib?

I think the reason the jib stays up on 99% of spin runs is that the scot winches make it a hassle to drop.

Let's keep it pure and keep furlers out of the racing.

Just my $.02.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086