Jib Cleat Position

Would anyone know if the jib sheet cleats have ever been installed on the centerboard trunk cap? It seems like a convenient location for single-handing and for crew access.

While there is no center thwart, as on a Thistle, to take up the additional lateral force sheeting will create, it seems that the trunk is sufficiently sized for this added load (probably in the order of 50-60#).

Any thoughts?

Thanks for getting back to me. I definitely would like to see a picture of the installation if you don't mind sending. I'm just wondering, how often do you use the track to adjust the cleat position?

Thanks for the additional information. I'm familiar with the Harken 241 swivel block. Now that I think about it, I believe I have a couple, along with a pair of Ratchamatic blocks.

Thanks for helping plan my weekend project...Glen Krapf (FS2101)