Cruising the Scot ( sleep onboard )

I have heard of four ways of sleeping onboard. One is the way discribed by Barry on the 1st cuising topic ( sleeping on the floor with boards to flatten the surface).

There is one discribed in "Highlights of Scot's and Water", a book available from FSSA. This method suggests a headboard and foot board resting across the seats. Three aluminum poles connect the head and foot ( one on each side and one in the middle) with a fabric cot suspended on them. This makes a double bed.

I've heard of using a set of boards between the seats to form a complete floor at seat level and putting sleeping bag etc. on that.

And finally, a variation on the above. Build a flat platform on the seats and then pitch a small tent on the platform and sleep in the tent.

All of these, except the tent version, assume a mooring tent to keep out the weather.

How have people attached their bug netting to make the standard mooring tent useable?

Has anyone used the full mooring cover as a sleeping cover? The full cover has the end closed in with netting already, can be attached with drawstring around the gunnels ( sealing the sides from bugs ), and would provide for some night time storage room on the fore deck.