Under seat floatation replacement

Hi. I restored FS 381 about 10 years ago nd have always stored it using scattered dryer sheets to deter mice.  Welllll, as you’ve guessed, last year this was unsuccessful.  Those little varments got into my under seat floatation and ruined it.  Can someone please tell me the best process to remove and replaced this foam?  Thank you soooo much.

There's the easy way - but it has some up front effort... And, then there's the hard way - I did not do this.
Hard - get foam, install, glass upside down ( HARD !!! )
'Easier' - buy the foam - I thought about using the blue stuff they make docks from and cutting with a styrofoam heat knife ( Harbor Freight or DIY online ).  I ended up just using my original stuff - mine was in good shape.  
'Ya gotta flip the boat to do this like a gentleman.  Be sure to remove the centerboard first.  Flip it w/ 5-6 guys with ease. Lay it on (2) car tires, right where the chain plates are - DO NOT BEND THESE.  Then, lift the stern ( this is the heavy side ) and put on (2) towers of cinder blocks and 4x4's ( I used two side by side ).  Use a sturdy horse for the front.  I had boat stands, so I used those.
It's a lot to write / describe - please let me know if you need more description on the glass process.  You need to cut strips of roving - I put plastic between these strips and the styrofoam so as to not melt the styro w/ resin.  Working with the boat upside down lets gravity work for you and not against.

Foam under my seats had degraded. I replaced with 2-in closed cell foam board (Lowes/HomeDepot) cut to fit. I mounted it with nylon webbing straps adjustable buckles. This both saved the trouble of flipping the boat to install the glass, allowing me to get a snug fit; and it makes the foam removable for when I need to get access behind the seats (as when I changed out the spinnaker blocks; installed a spinnaker turtle; removed and refinished backing block for jib block, etc.) 

I like that idea.  
How did you mount the buckles to the boat without them being visible ? 

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This idea of using straps is intreaging, I would also like to know how the webbing straps get attached to the boat.  Thank you.