Trailering: mast-head lights, flags

According to Wisconsin law (I'm sure it's similar in other states), we need to have, on the end of our mast, a light at night and a 12" square flag during the day, (

I can find magnetic lights, but I'm not sure that will work on the head of an aluminum mast. And I haven't found a red flag that "so hung that the entire area is visible to the operator of a vehicle approaching from the rear".

Does anyone know of a product or seller that has products for this?

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In Wisconsin, your mast can hang up to 4 ft off the back of the boat without the requirement of a flag or lights.

As we travel a bit to regattas I was uncomfortable with the mast hanging out so far behind the end of the boat. I created an LED tail light and mounting system for the end of the mast. This system plugs into the other trailer lights and incorporates running light and stop/turn signals. I would be happy to make one for you or anyone who would want one. There is some wiring that needs to be added to the trailer to make all this work that is pretty easy. Feel free to email or call me to discuss

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