spinnaker halyard

Does the spinnaker launch underneath the jib sheet or over?
I'm Trying to figure out the set up

It needs to go forward of the jib sheets.  If you store the spinnaker in a turtle on the seat, you want to be sure the jib sheets are free and aft of the stowed chute.

Sorry Phil
That still doesn't help. It will be on the seat in a turtle. "Forward" doesnt really help. Does it not matter if it launches over or under the jib sheets?

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The spinnaker launches UNDER the jib sheet according to your question.  When you douse the spinnaker, the crew reaches under the jib sheets, grabs the spinnaker sheet and pulls the sail into the boat underneath the jib sheets as well. 
Hope this helps.

Awesome thx

The spinnaker is forward, which I guess you call "under" the jib sheets.  Forward is towards the bow, or front of the boat.  The halyard, spin sheet and guy, and the sail all stay forward of the jib sheets.  The confusing part is that it is not in relation to your body, but in relation to the boat.
I had a crew for a while who was an All American at the Naval Academy.  She would loop the jib sheets behind her head to douse the chute.  This meant the chute always got stuffed without the jib sheets tangled.