Sleeping on a FlyingScot

If you camp on your FlyingScot, do you sleep in the stern compartment, on a platform across the centerboard trunk, on a hammock, or some other way?  Interested in what other folks are doing besides beach camping. I sleep in the stern in cooler weather and on a platform across the centerboard case / seats.  I've added screen panels to the standard cockpit boom tent to keep the bugs out and allow the breeze to flow through. Electric fan in the hot weather and electric blanket in the cold weather make sleeping on my FlyingScot enjoyable.

Reach out if you want to talk about Cruising on your FlyingScot.


Jude  FS887



I have been thinking about camp cruising my Scot also.  Can you send me pics of your centerboard platform?  

we have some great cruising grounds on the Chesapeake, if you are up for a road trip.



Larry  FS2944