Sides down to fiberglass - do you paint?

I recently purchased a 1975 Flying scott that is in wonderful shape.  The sides have had the old paint sripped down to the fiberglass.  While it looks nice, Does this need to be preped and sanded to prevent sun damage, or can it be left?

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I presume that the boat was painted at some point which you removed. If the hull is in good condition, buff and wax it with a good compound and wax made for fiberglass. If left alone, over time it will oxidize. Hope this helps.

I am in the same predicament with a newly purchased boat, mine a 1985, FS 4076. Mine was oxidized and I am in the process of using compond to remove this, then using a cleaning polish and following up with a quality wax which I may do 2 coats. I bought an inexpensive buffer to help as there is a lot of surface area to cover. I did a small section and it appears to look pretty decent. Prior to this every time you touched the boat you would come away with a chalk coating on your hand.

My question is I will likely want to paint /gel coat the boat next year. Are there any thoughts on which I should do? Reasons for attempting either? I will likely being the work myself unless I find a competent place to do it reasonably priced.

@makcote: Same situation for me, FS1945.  White deck is completely chalked, and some small dark spots are now showing through on the stern deck. Black bottom is severely bubbled and pitted.  Red sides above the water line seem to be fine, just some scratches and minor fading.  

I've been told I need to wax the deck and sand & paint the bottom.  I've seen bottom paint addressed in other posts.  For the deck, did you remove the white chalk, or just clean off whatever came off easily?  (and is the white stuff paint or wax?)  What are the compound, cleaning polish, and wax that you're using? 

I'd like to "do it right" as long as I'm spending the time, but at the same time, it's an old boat with issues.  Most jobs tend to have a balance between the effort/expense of a "100% right" way and a "pretty solid & lasting results but way less work" method.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

ElHokie :

I cleaned the boat which removed a bit of the chalk which I believe was from the original gelcoat/paint. Not sure how to tel the difference. I then used a rubbing compound, Turtlewax I believe, and this removed more of it, helped to remove some of the stains and black marks found. I then used a polish to futher prep the boat and then a cleaner wax followed by a quality Carnauba wax from Meguire's.

It stopped the issue of the chalk like paint rubbing off when touching the boat but I did not get a good glass like shine like I was hoping. I like the results and it may need additional coats but if I was to do it over I would look for a marine grade sealant/wax as I used an auto product.

Since it was at the chalk stage a good sealant after the compound/polish stage in my opinion would be needed to give it that wet look. Next year if I do not get it painted I will look for a product to help with this.

Do get yourself an electric/air buffer as this helped greatly given the amount of surface area present. .

Good Luck