Sailing Schools in the Southeast that use the Flying Scot

My wife and I have very little sailinng experience except going sailing several times with friends that use to live near us.  But we enjoyed those trips quite a bit and have decided to take the plunge ourselves.  After doing a bunch of research and talking to some people we have decided that the Flying Scot seems to match what we want out of a sailboat at this time.  However, instead of just plunging in we thought it might be a good idea to find a sailing school (sailing lessons) that use Flying Scots.  That way we could get our sailing skills up to par while also having an extensive tryout of the Flying Scot.  We live in southern Alabama and the closest we have found are the sailing lessons done by the Carolina Sailing Foundation in Lake Wheeler near Raleigh, NC.  Is anyone aware of any in Florida or other places in the southeast that would be closer to Alabama?  Thanks