Rudder Bungee Cord Question

HI.. FS newbie, so apologies for rookie question.     On my flying scot, there is a bungee cord going though a hole in the base of the rudder, nearest the stern, to padeyes on the stern on each side of the rudder.   Can someone tell me its purpose, and how it is rigged.

Thank you


This is a system to allow you to raise and lower the rudder blade without having to get onto teh after deck to tighten or loosen a wing nut along with inserting or pulling a hold down pin. The pin and wing nut system is great if you are a racer who want to make sure teh blade is held in teh down position. I sail on many inland lakes and find the bungee hold down system is great for ease of use when launching and getting out to deeper waters and when in unknown shallow waters.

I will send pictures to you via emai showing the system and how it is rigged.


Jim Colegorve 

Jim .. thanks for the reply .. would appreciate pics.


jim .. email address is .. would appreciate pics of rudder bungee cord rigging