Recent FSSA Rules Changes

Your Board of Governors is always working behind the scenes on the ideas ad issues that you have brought to them. This is to notify the FSSA class that there have been changes in the bylaws that were approved by the Board of Governors. Contact any of the class BOG for an explanation.

  • The class has now sanctioned the Northeast Regional District Championship (NERD), per Article B-X.7.
  • FSSA Members are now allowed to charter boats without the 400 mile restriction at the Wife/Husband, Women's NAC, ACC, and NERD nationally sanctioned regattas. The 400 mile restriction remains in place for the NAC and Midwinter regattas per Article B-VIII.
  • Furthermore, a change was made on 1-6-2020 to revise Article B-IX 3 to allow the NAC to be held between June 1 and October 31, allowing soem of the warner regions to host the NAC in cooler months/

Class Rules are available by clicking here!

We hope each of you and your families are staying safe during the COIVD-19 outbreak.