Pls do Not us Zoom software for class webinars


FYI - Zoom is a horrible program. It installed malware on my computer, which is difficult to remove, which prevents me from accessing class and North Sails webinars.  Some other more secure program must be found.  Thank you.

Here are articles about its other issues:

I read your linked articles.  It appears that it is critical to not publish links to the actual meeting publically.  The North clinics required registration, which is a good security step.  

As always, we should all be careful about clicking unfamiliar links, that we receive in email, even from senders we think are known.

Another item that is mentioned, is to monitor who's on the webinar, to keep out unknown, bad actors.

Maybe the organizers, can record the sessions and put them on YouTube for viewing later.


Thank you HotWheels for the cautionary advice.  Hope you get your malware eradicated.  BTW, do you have a platform for webinars that you have been using, that has a distinct edge in terms of security?

Here is an open source alternative to the unsafe zoom webinar software: