Outhaul Rigging / Necessity

 I've sailed my FS for many years without an adjustment to my outhaul.  I am daysailor, but love to make my boat go fast and as efficient as possible.In the past, I've always just tied the clue as far aft as I can and left all season ( I'm at a mooring )But, I was playing with the idea of adding an internal outhaul adjuster. I know every adjustment can make the boat go a little faster, all the parts adding up to making the boat as a whole - Faster.But, how important is this adjustment ?  I don't have a cunningham either :)    

Having an outhaul that can be cranked tight as the wind pipes up is very helpful... 

 Thank you for the reply...

Can someone make a recommendation for an outhaul set-up ?
I'm not a racer - just a guy trying to get as much out of her as I can.  I know there's the internal and external set-ups.  Is the internal that much better ?
I would do the internal/wire scenario, but I have a reef setup which dictates an extra block on my boom end casting so I'd have to do some cutting and adjustments on the boom end casting to make that work. 
Or, I could just go with the external set-up.
Any opinions and if so, what exact blocks, purchase etc ( the exact spec ) would you recommend ?  Or, is FS's set-up a no-brainer and good enough ?

I have an external set and it works fine.  It has a small block at the clew.  The line dead-ends in the clew fitting, goes through the clew grommet of the sail, then through the block, and runs forward.  I then have some purchase up front on the boom.  I will try to take pictures this weekend.  Someone else was asking about the vang, so I want to take a few pics of that anyway.