new FS owner

 Hello all I recently acquired a FS.  I have sailed and raced FS many years ago and have always kept my eye open for one.   I have not picked up the boat yet and had a question about stowing the mast when towing the boat.   My thoughts were to place the mast and boom on a couple life vests and tie them to the boat.  BUT I thought I would ask if there was standard way to stow the mast and boom for moving the boat.I picked up hull 1069, from a bit of gazing online I take it this was built in the late 60’s.  I am sure there is a hull number with the date in it but have not gotten that far yet.  The boat and trailer look very good. The interior floor has been redone; the wet balsa was taken out and replaced.  I am bit concerned about the weight looks like a bit of extra glass there.   The keel has a ugly patch job I will have to make some decisions on.  That covers the first half hour of looking at the boat so I am there will be a few other issues. thanksDwight 

In the gallery on the third page is some pictures of mine, you can see the yoke in the back of my boat , and on the front I made my own support to fit inside of the stanchion.  another reason to use this over cushions , is the deck is very slippery , and the second reason is getting the mast up over the tow vehicle.   My boat is a 64