Mooring Pendant

Hi All,
Last Fall I purchased a new Flying Scot (5976). Previously I owned a Catalina 250 and have always been on a mooring. All my other boats had a "cleat" on which to put the mooring pendant on. The Scot does not have this. I have seen some people use a snap shackle on the bow handle, but it looks like it would "Ding -Up" the bow handle. So, I am looking to see what most of you use for a mooring pendant and how are you rigging it?
Thanks for the help.
FS 5976

Hi Jerry,
Welcome to the Flying Scot family. 
I usually dry sail, but on occasion I will moor.  My mooring line has a loop for the bow eye and a snap shackle for the mooring.  Under sail, I put the snap shackle on the bow eye.  No dings.  This is pretty common practice for our lake area.  I got the mooring line from Flying Scot.