Mooring Ball / pendant

 I moor my Scot in a Bay with a lot of variables; weather, boat wakes, strong tidal/currents.  I used to use a hard foam pendant with a 4' , 1/4" fiberglass rod sticking up and a weight on the otyher end, in the water.Due to the aforementioned variables, my boat is constantly rubbing into the float and the fiberglass rod - and giving my newly painted hull a few nice scratches.What is a better mouse trap ?I liked this pole idea because when I come in under sail, I can grab it and grab my mooring lines.  But, it is not worth scratching my hull. Any ideas as to how to avoid this problem ? 

I clip my mast bouy to the mooring bouy pendant only when I leave the mooring for a sail.  When I return, I pick up the mast, attach the pendant snap shackle to the bow, then remove the mast bouy and store it under the bow.(2101-Sayville, NY)

Yeah, I thought about that after I posted.  A little extra work, but I like it  !That's what I'll do !   Thanks.BTW - might have to hit one of you Sayville boys up for a lesson or two on flying a spinnaker - never did it !