Mast Take-down strategies for Vertically-Impaired

I'd appreciate insight on methods for lowering mast for shorter person. Strength is generally not a problem but the leverage and weight due to angle at take down causes problem for me. I am thinking about "the helper" available at FS but wondering if anyone has thoughts on how best to lower mast for shorter people.

I have seen people use the master helper, and it seems like a good way to do it easily and safely.  The young, strong and tall, can just lift up the mast, but not practical for everybody.
i have also seen people use a long line, attached to the jib halyard.  You can have a second person, like your crew, hold the line and slowly raise or lower the mast as you guide it.  It seems like at least 50 feet is the right length.  The crew takes the line and applies tension way out in front of the boat and trailer.  
BTW, always attach the trailer to the car, when raising the mast.  If you step Toward the stern, to lift the mast, and the boat tips back, you can lose balance.
Here‘s a thread about the Master Helper:

The Mast Helper is the way to go.
Fail-safe and no surprises. Used one for many seasons when my son was younger and could not help raising the mast.

I'm new to the group and Scots. 
I'm getting older and looking for making my life easier relative to raising and lower the mast.  Any plans available for hardware/design or apparatus to raise and lower the FS mast?