Is the Lightening sailboat "comfortable?"

I have a Flying Scot and do not find it all that comfortable. I suppose that a racing boat can only be so comfortable. The Highlander 20 has a huge cockpit and it seems that the seating goes low and the side of the boat comes half way up the average person's back giving a person something to lean back against.


Is the Lightening like the Highlander in terms of "deep seating" or is it more like the Scot? thanks

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There are people in this fleet who can speak much more inteligently on the Lightning, but in my limited experiance with them (including looking at them for comfort in daysailing) they will not be as comfy as the Flying Scot. I have had both my wife and child fall asleep on the Scot so we are happy with it as a relaxing daysailer, a Harbor 20 may be worth looking into.


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The Lightning is mostly a racing boat and is not set up for any comfort. The Scot is a family designed boat that quite a few people race. I find the Scot the most comfortable boat between the Thistle, Highlander and a Lightning.

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Flying Scot is way comfier than a Lightning and a lightning is more comfy than a Thistle.