Jib Rigged 2/1 blocks snag on downhaul


Hello again from trusty 5339:  Christened "ARGO".  Has someone got a solution for me about the jib sheet blocks on 2/1 setup getting snagged on Spin downhaul when coming about in light air?   We almost always get light air on our tiny lake and we come about maybe 20 times in some races.  Did I say our races start out at a narrow finger of our small lake?  In light conditions the two pulleys catch on the spinnaker topping lift or downhaul line when they pass close to the mast.  I bet someone has a nifty solution.  I am thinking about leading those lines through a pvc pipe strapped to the base of the mast, but wonder if there is a smarter solution.

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On most boats, the downhaul lines on the topping lift is forward of the mast by a foot or so. Some of us recently relocated the hole for the downhaul to the foot of the mast and that seems to work great! Email the factory to get the new layout for the downhaul location. Another thing I do on my boat is that the topping lift lines and spinnaker halyards run up the mast through the ring eye. It helps keep everything close to the mast. Hope this helps!

I find that I don't have that problem, if I pull the topping lift up, to the point where the hook is at the right spot, for the pole to be level, when the pole is put up and clipped to the mast, hanging on the topping lift.  If it's lower than that, it sometimes can catch.

We also tie the jib sheets together, so the lazy sheet is a little more controlled.  My newest set of jib sheets is one continuous piece, which doesn't need to be tied.  I have the jib cleats on the seat, and I also find that it's easier to control the lazy sheet, when tacking.  Doing this also seems to help keep the sheets from flapping and catching on the halyard winch or the gooseneck spring pin.

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We tried the 2/1 jib rigging and found it was too much line to deal with and 1/1 works fine till you get wind above 10.  So it you mostly sail in light air stick with 1/1.  

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A chronic problem for sure, and seems like a rubics cube to newer Scot sailors. But user error is usually the problem.

1:1 works just fine. When it builds, and you need more mechanical advantage, switch to 2:1.

Also, manage the sheets better IE don't allow the jib to luff excessvely. Snug the lazy sheet so when it's time to tack, there's not a lot of extra sheet flailing aorund to get caught on stuff. Head up, jib backwinds, release jib sheet and immediately pull the new jib sheet. Voila. Problem solved.

In light air you don't need the downhaul! Just use the topping lift.