An Itch Had to be Scratched. - 2 Day, 45 mile Cruise

This site can be booor'ING !  There are over 5000 Scots out there and no one has anything to say ?!  Geez.  Well, I'll fill in some dead air;
A few weeks back a buddy and I sailed from where I moor my boat in the Great South Bay of Long Island, eastward, 14 miles to a newly created Inlet, called The Breach - formed by Hurricane Sandy having blown a hole through a wilderness portion of Fire Island, making a new connection of Ocean to Bay.  We sailed a nice downwind, wing and wing sail - done in 3 hours.  Navigated the river-like delta of shallows through unpassable areas in low tide.  Camped on a virgin beach with no easy way to access the spot, other than with a very shallow draft boat.  BBQ's striped bass, and roasted potatos.  Drank RUM ! Beautiful Sunset.  At dusk, for 30 minutes, a new defintion of mosquito swarming was established !  Thank G*d for repellent !  Crystal clear stars, amazing.  Slept like death other than bud snores like a freight train !  But, I pased out and gave it right back to hom !  EARLY sunset - hard night sleep in a tent on the sand. A fox had it;s way with whatever we left out !
Through The Breach at the beginning of an incoming tide and into the ocean ( everyone said it was stupid and too dangerous and in a swell it would be ), westward for 25 miles.  As planned, the sun was out ! the seas were calm, the swell was non-existent and as risked - the north wind was painfully light !  After a few miles in, there was no return, we had to power sail a bit !  So, it was not the sail I was looking for, but it was a great experience !   Had a whale come right up by us - many dolphin and pods of bunker !  Made it to and through the Fire Island inlet within 5 hours ( same time I planned with a good wind ).  Stopped at a beach on the inlet, swam slept for an hour and head back home !
If I could give an award out, it would be to my 1972 4HP Evinrude Yachtwin !  She ran like a charm and is no worse for the wear ! Starts 2 pull everytime ! Next time, I pray for the 10-15 knot wind we all love, although I sail in 15-20 more often than not ( love the reef ! )
Hull 877