FS 96


St. Paul, MN
United States

Priorities:   I've recently purchased FS 96.  The hull and deck seem to be in great shape.  The sails are original.  The rigging and fixtures are antique.  The trailer weighs about a ton and is rusted together.  I've repacked the bearings and replaced the wheels and tires.  It tows well, but iis extremely tongue light (at last, a use for my barbells, they are chained to the tongue!).   Is there any point to keeping the boat as an antique, or should I upgrade?   Although it wil be used as a daysailor, I am keenly interested in improving my sailing skills, even racing.  I want to plane!  What is the best bang for the buck in terms of upgrade?   Sails?  New or used?  Is it worth disassembling the trailer to get a decent tongue weight by moving the axles?   (Trailer, boat, mast, boom, sails weigh 1700 lbs., tongue weight about 40.  By suspending my barbells from tongue, I was able to hang on motor bracket and barely lift tongue.  I weigh 150.  Looking for 170 tongue weight.). Does anyone know anything about my boat?  

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Greetings! I own #2, yes #2. I put new jib sheet cleats on the seat the way they do on the radical race package at the factory. I put internal spinnaker blocks in the stern and routed the sheets under the seats. THe mainsheet block and cleat were fine. My gelgoat was very old and porous so I had the boat painted with Alexseal about 7 years ago and she still looks great. My wife and I race her at our club (Lake Murray Sailing Club in Chapin SC) and at out of town regattas. Even with being 100 lbs heavier than modern made boats we are very competitive. I feel we have an advantage in high winds because the boat is stiffer than modern boats. I plan on keeping my boat until the day comes that I can't climb in it. 

I'm guessing that you are new to sailing and may not be an experienced sailor/racer. I would look on this forum and see if anyone has some used sails they are selling. Some people get new sails every year and you can get an excellent set for about half of what a new set costs. If you want new sails, I highly recommend get a set of Mad Sails. 

As far as your trailer, if it is like most trailers, the upright part with the winch on it is probably bolted to the frame with a couple of U bolts. You can loosen those U bolts and slide the upright forward a couple of inches and crank the boat forward and that will increase the toungue weight. you want it where it is easy to lift when you want to attach it to your vehicle.

If you want to talk more about your boat give me a call at 803-429-6756