FS 96


St. Paul, MN
United States

Priorities:   I've recently purchased FS 96.  The hull and deck seem to be in great shape.  The sails are original.  The rigging and fixtures are antique.  The trailer weighs about a ton and is rusted together.  I've repacked the bearings and replaced the wheels and tires.  It tows well, but iis extremely tongue light (at last, a use for my barbells, they are chained to the tongue!).   Is there any point to keeping the boat as an antique, or should I upgrade?   Although it wil be used as a daysailor, I am keenly interested in improving my sailing skills, even racing.  I want to plane!  What is the best bang for the buck in terms of upgrade?   Sails?  New or used?  Is it worth disassembling the trailer to get a decent tongue weight by moving the axles?   (Trailer, boat, mast, boom, sails weigh 1700 lbs., tongue weight about 40.  By suspending my barbells from tongue, I was able to hang on motor bracket and barely lift tongue.  I weigh 150.  Looking for 170 tongue weight.). Does anyone know anything about my boat?