Flying Scot Foundation General Fund

The Flying Scot® Foundation General Fund

The Flying Scot Foundation is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Flying Scot Sailing Association.  The Foundation has a General Fund that is designed to support Flying ScotSailing. The assets of the General Fund may be used for purposes such as the following:

  • to advertise and promote the sport of Flying Scot® sailing;
  • to recruit new members;
  • to help qualified Flying Scot sailors attend the US Sailing national events
  • to help support Flying Scot sanctioned regattas;
  • to maintain and replace perpetual trophies;
  • to provide Fleet Captains and District Governors with financial support;
  • to  provide enhancements to the FSSA Website;
  • to enhance Scots n’ Water;
  • to maintain and improve the FSSA historical archives;
  • for any purpose that furthers the sport of sailing Flying Scot® class sloops

Note: IRS guidelines limit Foundation support to activities that have a clear charitable or educational value. Fill out the application by typing in the “grey” areas. Leave blanks where you are unsure of the answer. You can find an application for a grant and instructions for submitting your application in the attachment section below. The deadline for application is March 1 of the application year.