Flying Scot Foundation Fund for Education

Flying Scot® Foundation Fund for Education  

The Fund for Education aims to improve the sail trim and boat handling skills of current Flying Scot owners and to recruit new sailors into local fleets by helping local sailing schools and community sailing programs that use a Flying Scot to train adults. The Fund for Education program is based on the results of a survey of Flying Scot Fleets done in 2007. The Survey found good recruitment of new sailors into the fleet when the sailing school or CSA used a Flying Scot for instruction of adults and when there was a close, supportive relationship between the local fleet and sailing school or CSA and poor recruitment in the situations where either the adults were trained in some other boat or the local fleet was not supportive

Sail Donation Program - This program is designed to transfer gently-used Flying Scot sails from their current owner to sail training programs that use Flying Scots® to train adults. Sails should not need professional repair. The donor is responsible for the transfer of sails to the recipient organization and in exchange will receive a "tax letter" documenting the donation. Donor assigns the value of sales for tax deduction purposes which can be up to $500 without a formal appraisal. 

Speakers Bureau - The Foundation will help fund seminars on sail trim, boat handling, and racing strategy for Flying Scot fleets. Support is generally limited to $250 and is designed to fund travel expenses for the expert who leads the seminar. A list of potential experts is being developed. Contact Barbara Griffin for further information.

Scots in Schools - The Foundation will also provide grants to local sailing schools or community sailing associations (CSA) that train adults in Flying Scots and have a close relationship with the local Flying Scot fleet. Grants are up to $2,000 per year and the money can be used for any purpose that supports the objective of getting new adult sailors trained in fundamentals of sailing in a Flying Scot and then referring them to the local Scot fleet for further development.

You can find the applications for a grant and instructions for submitting your application in the attachment section below. The deadline for application is March 1 of the application year. You may return to the FS Foundation home page here.