Did you go to the 2021 Buckeye Regatta?


The 2021 Buckeye Regatta at Hoover Sailing Club came off without a hitch … and, unfortunately, without much wind either, at least on Saturday. But our 13 competitors were here for the fun. They stayed out for 2 painful Saturday races that the Windmill fleet Race Committee worked diligently to set up. Sunday wind was better so we got a total of 4 races for the regatta. We had 8 out of town boats, including a team from Rochester, NY, 2 teams from Cowan Lake and 5 teams from Deep Creek. Jay Huling and Ray Trask from Hoover  sailed to a 2nd place finish. 1st and 3rd went to Cowan Lake sailors Bruce and Lynn Kitchen and Dan Adams respectively.

Thanks to all of the fleet volunteers who made this event happen before, during and after, including Sandy Phalen, Arnie Ishizuka, Kathy Trask, Dan Carpenter, Ross Long, Ben Blee, Carlo Vedovato, Mark Sulc, Sarah Lynn, Larry Phelps, Toni Diblasi, Bruce Courts, Dave Stetson, Stephanie Bahr and Scot Stephen.

Full results are here 

You can find photos here