Centerboard trunk slight water leak


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Good evening-

my wife and I had a blast at our first regatta with our scot (2431). When we hoisted it out of the water today we noticed that a very small amount of water (about 3ml or so) came out over the course of a few minutes from the seam just below the lifting plate at the stern portion of the centerboard trunk. It was a brownish color. Is this something I can just seal at that seam with some epoxy or is it indicative of something much larger and worse. The boat has sailed well all season otherwise with no issue. It is stored on land between uses. Please let me know what you think. Cheers. 

Does anyone know who does cockpit core repair.  My boat has a spongey port side.  Thanks

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The Factory is the best place to get it done.   Im sure some boatyards in you area could do it and order the materials directly from FS Inc.

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I did my own core replacement last summer.  If you are considering doing it yourself, there are numerous accounts of the process in posts on the FSSA Facebook page.  I found them very helpful.  You may have to use a search tool to find the old posts.  You can also download instructions from our boat builders' website.  As a former carpenter/cabinetmaker, I owned many of the tools that would be required and had some experience in restoration work and the use of epoxy and associated additives.  Still, there was much to learn and the work was a bit of a challenging endurance test.  In the end, it was a success and my satisfaction has cast a different light on the darker moments of the process.