Centerboard repair questions

Hi folks,

I'm finally getting around to do some needed repairs on my old FS209. Just like some other posters, the leading edge of my board is split and there's some delamination that I need to fix. I plan on trying to get a template from flying scot to get the shape right. While I had the board out though, I noticed some other things that I hope some people here can help me with.

First, I read somewhere that older centerboards might be asymmetrical, so I made a template and measured. Indeed, one side is 1/16 thinner than the other. I don't race, but I figure I might as well fix while I have this apart. Any tips on the best way to fix? Will epoxy by itself work, or should I lay up some glass?

Second, I plan on replacing the old centerboard rollers and shaft. When I looked at the hole in the board where these go, it quite elongated ( I'd say about double the width) from wear over the years. Pictures of FS centerboards seem hard to come by but I did see one that looks like it has a metal bushing in the board for the CB roller shaft. Can anyone confirm? This would explain the wear that I'm seeing. Not sure if this was the way they made ''em back then or whether someone removed in an earlier repair.

Finally, there is a large golf ball size chunk of epoxy at the front of the CB trunk flush with the gasket. Is this original? Or was it added later? It's loose, but does not seem to be in danger of falling out due to its shape.  It does appear to be causing a gouge in the leading edge of the board so I suspect it's role is to stop the board from going past vertical. Not sure how to handle this one so any advice would be appreciated.