2019 Michigan Hot Scot Regatta


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Regatta Date: 
Friday, September 13, 2019

The MI Hot Scot regatta was held at Portage Yacht Club in Pinckney MI near Ann Arbor September 14th.  This regatta has been held since the 1960’s under various names and in conjunction with other classes.  Three races were held in picture perfect 75 degree weather with 10-15 mph winds out of the WSW. Ten boats competed which represented 5 different clubs in Michigan: Portage Yacht Club, Crystal Sailing Club, Gull Lake Yacht Club, Crescent Sail and Yacht Club and Stoney Creek.  Flying Scot fleet 20 was pleased to welcome friends we knew from other clubs and to make new friends.

The races were long with 8 legs with a downwind finish. The first race was a battle between Kent Davis with his son Hart, Freyja Davis with her son Jon, and locals Fritz Wagner with Nicholas Marion, Michael Ehnis with Jerry Best, and Brian Hawkins with Suzi Hawkins for the whole 8 legs. Brian finished 1st and Freyja 2nd, and Fritz 3rd.

In the second race, several boats were over early for a general recall. In the restart of the second start race Fritz Wagner was over early and had to restart again.  Fritz and Nicholas looked upwind noting that while all of the boats went left, stronger winds were filling in on the right on the north shore. Since they were already in last place and had nothing to lose they went right. When they got to the stronger wind they tacked onto starboard, got lifted to the mark and passed the entire fleet.  The wind gods were with them. Kent and Hart finished 1st, Fritz and Nicholas finished 2nd and Michael and Jerry finished 3rd.

The 3rd race was won by Kent and Hart, with Michael and Jerry 2nd and Freyja and Jon 3rd. Fritz had the misfortune of finishing behind both Davises in this race.

The final regatta results were Kent Davis 1st, Fritz Wagner 2nd and Brian Hawkins 3rd.

The regatta ended with a dinner-award celebration prepared by Brian and Suzy Hawkins.

Fritz Wagner
Flying Scot Fleet 20 Captain

  2019 MI Hot Scot Results          
Rank Skipper/crew Sail # Points 1 2 3
1 Kent Davis / Hart Davis 5488 5.50 4 1 1
  Crystal SC          
2 Fritz Wagner / Nicholas Marion 3288 9.00 3 2 4
  Portage YC          
3 Brian Hawkins / Suzy Hawkins 5235 10.75 1 4 6
  Portage YC          
4 Michael Ehnis / Jerry Best 4336 12.00 7 3 2
5 Freyja Davis / Jon Davis 1726 13.00 2 8 3
Crystal SC
6 Steve Rajkovich / Terry Avnik 1764 15.00 5 5 5
Crystal SC
7 Garrie Hankins / Shelly Newood 4819 20.00 6 6 8
Crescent Sail YC
8 Jack White / Bruce & Nancy 3854 22.00 8 7 7
Portage YC
9 Rick Kohl / Dave or Gail Thompson 4460 28.00 10 9 9
Gull Lake YC
10 Daniel Shock / Joe Bruce 5502 29.00 9 10 10
Stoney Creek