2016 Make Your Scot Fly at Lake Murray Sailing Club, Chapin, SC


 Fleet 158 hosted its first "Make Your Scot Fly" performance clinic this weekend. Flying Scot builder, Harry Carpenter, and daughter, Carrie Andrews, graciously donated their time and expertise to help Flying Scot sailors and crew get the most performance and enjoyment out of their boats.

Ten beginner through intermediate sailors from as far as Chattanooga joined in a learning experience unique to the region. With expert oversight from Harry, on the water coaching and video from Carrie, and on board coaching by local fleet 158 volunteers, beginners and more advanced sailors received all the tips and coaching they needed to reach a higher level of boat speed and control.

Sunday's "training competition" was abandoned due to incipient thunder boomers in the morning.  Everyone rallied to a highly active seminar, facilitated by Harry and Carrie, on weather safety, boat handling in heavy weather, speed tips in light and heavy weather.  Clearly, the weekend of instruction filled a need because the question and answer dialog never flagged until we formally adjourned the session.

Participants received Certificates of Completion (Suitable for Framing, of course) for the 2016 Make Your Scot Fly.

Here is the link to our Shutterfly event photo gallery.  If you identify the pictures you would like, you or you can simply create a Shutterfly account and download the photos you want or you can email me at Ryan Gaskin