2014 Scot A Hoochee Regatta, Lake Lanier Sailing Club

Lake Lanier, Atlanta

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Regatta Date: 
Friday, September 12, 2014 to Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 Lake Lanier Sailing Club Scot-a-Hoochee Regatta Recap

Lake Lanier Sailing Club

Submitted:  Scott H Adams, Fleet #111 Captain

The Flying Scot fleet had a great time this past weekend (9/13 and 9/14) at our Scot-a-Hoochee regatta.  Racing was challenging as storm clouds moved around us Saturday, creating big wind shifts.  The wind started from the south, clocked around to the west and then blew from the northeast as a storm cell moved around the lake.  Once the cell passed, the wind went back to the west and we finished the fourth race in near calm conditions.  We had one exciting downwind leg when a big blow came through and a couple of us nearly capsized.  We had another exciting moment when an auxiliary boat meandered a boat length away from the windward mark as the fleet approached and rounded.  Race committee had their own excitement as the RC barge anchor became stuck and could not be retrieved.  It was fun to see Mike Krantz, our PRO, performing all sorts of radical maneuvers in the RC barge trying to dislodge it!  We got in four races Saturday and finished in a dying breeze.

Sunday conditions were light rain and a shifty east breeze.  Mike got in two races for us and we headed in for lunch.

Locals have some work to do as the top four finishers were from out of town.  In our defense, the top four finishers having been doing it for a long time, including some top notch national competitors.  One of highlights of the regatta was the after dinner leader’s debrief when the top three for the day (Peter, Rob and Sandy) sat down and discussed the technical aspects of the days racing, sail trim, settings, tactics, boat set up, etc.