Cockpit cover

As I was getting my Scot ready for hurricane Irene's passage through Long Island, something that has always bothered me, this time bothered me enough to write this note. The FS tent cover that goes over the boom is generally a good protection against rain. But in a case like this, where you want to remove the sail and this tent cover to reduce all possible windage, there is no really good cockpit cover. The small one that clips fore and aft and is hung from the boom by a single line and rests on the seats leaves a good amount of open space fore and aft for rain to get in. This time I sealed these open spaces with tapped down black garbage bags and hope they will hold in the coming storm. Let's face it, FS needs a better 'small' cockpit cover. I wonder if anyone out there has solved this problem.

R. Lewis
FS 367 Chin Up

Do you keep the boat in the water or on the trailer? Sailors tailor and North both make flat covers that cover the whole deck. The main hayard pulls up about mid cockpit to make the water run off. They also work well for trailering. They should work on a mooring or on the trailer.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Really I do not think your bags are going to hold. Maybe they will because it is only a Cat 1 storm but it is like driving down the highway at 70 MPH and expecting them to stay in place. Best cockpit covers are made by Sailors tailor, but they will probably not last in a storm either. Even a new cover will tatter in the wind if not secured. We have been through several hurricanes in Florida. A good condition full cover (sides or not properly tied down will survive. Trailering covers work well too. Don't forget to tie the boat to the trailer and to the ground. Best thing if you only want or use the cockpit cover, is not to worry about the boat getting wet. Remove the sails, boom, and other loose equipment even lower the mast. Tie the boat to the trailer and to the ground. Hope and wish nothing hits it. Another choice is to leave the car out and put the boat in the garage. Easier to fix the car than the boat. Good luck. I lost a boat in Wilma.

I'm on LI too - Great South Bay. Waiting for Irene too, although I did pull my boat out yesterday. If you keep your boat on a mooring, like I do - I have a really great solution.

Take a tractor battery - Sears $28, place in a battery box with a cover, attach a RULE bilge pump to the terminals - get the bilge pump with an internal float switch ( NOT the computer style ones that constantly cycle ) - place that on the floor near the base of the mast stanchion - use a bracket or attach with the 3M, "EZ Pass" velcro and velcro to the trunk - run the outlet hose out the centerboard trunk.

You never have to worry about too much water. Nice pc of mind - light and the battery will last a season !

I like keeping the cockpit open - it allows you to take advantage of the nice days when the boat can dry out !

Hope this was helpful.

Thanks everyone - these are all good suggestions to consider before the next storm. My FS is tied up to a wet slip and the tent cover is generally a good protection and generally keeps out the rain. The downside of the deck cover mentioned is that I would have to stow the boom and sail below deck unless I kept that for only emergency situations, which is a possible approach.

FS 367 Chin Up

The cover for the boat, with the boom in place is called a mooring cover. They work well, keep the whole deck clean and dry. They do catch more wind in a hurricane, and you can't trailer with them. I use one like this on my boat in a dry slip at the lake.

You can compare various styles on Sailors Tailor website. They make a wide variety for the Scot.

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Hi all - old thread but maybe someone can chime in.  From what I can gather, there are three styles of covers for Scots.  In the picture in front there's a Mooring cover (as descibed by Phil) and in the back are the 'Tent cover' and finally the Cockpit cover (in blue).  I am wondering what the advantages are to one over the other.  It seems that the Mooring cover is the best to cover most deck area and keep things out and protect the deck.  But what are the advantages of the others?  Specifically the Mooring vs. the Cockpit cover.  I will be parking my boat lakeside so I want to keep the water and other things out, and protect whatever I stow between sails.  I like the look of the cockpit cover but I don't like the big open space aft.  I can imagine birds, bats and bees taking up residence there if I am away for two weeks or so.Thanks in advance.Happy sailing! 

The mooring cover is best for storage at the lake, when you want to keep the mast up, boom in place, and keep the deck and boat, clean and dry.  Sailors Tailor makes great covers for this.
North and Sailors Tailor also make trailering covers, which are good for trailering, or storage of the boat with the mast down.  They also cover the whole deck, but you take the boom off, put it in the boat, and use your main halyard to pull up on the cover to allow it to drain off over the cockpit, if you are using it with the mast up.
Both of the above covers can have side skirts, or not, based on your budget.
Cockpit covers are great for storing the boat for a few days at a regatta or if the boat is stored in the water.  They keep most of the rain out of the cockpit, but if the boat is on a dry slip, the dust and dirt can still get on the deck.  They also don’t protect the deck from the elements.  They are less expensive.  Like the mooring cover, they go over the boom, and protect the rolled up mainsail.
Which cover to buy?  Depends on your use.  If your really into it, you end up with all three, plus a bottom cover.
BTW, the cockpit cover does let the critters in more easily.  Over the years, I have had mice, barn swallows, wasps, etc, all take up residence, at one time or another.

Thanks Phil!