temporary mooring/Great Lakes?

I am wondering about mooring our FS temporarily while on vacation. We will be on the northeastern shore of Lake Erie, in a protected sand/mud-bottomed bay, but the water is only about 3 to 4 feet deep for at least 100 yards out.

I'm thinking it should be easy to moor it on a mushroom anchor...but what should I be concerned about? Does anyone have any experience with this, especially on choosing a mooring weight? I would hate to wake up some morning and see that the boat has disappeared overnight! Or, that the wind has blown all the water out of the bay and the boat is sitting on the sand.

Thanks for any assistance.

Consider using a "River Anchor" They look like a mushroom but have tabs (3 or 4) around the outside. They will grab the bottom better and act like a mushroom (get buried with wake and wind action) Another thought is to pull the bow close to shore and tie it to a tree or put the anchor in the ground. You can also tie a stern anchor to the boat and keep the stern from swinging ashore. It all depends on your location and what you can do. If you are going to be in the same place all summer, you may think of looking at a mooring ball and associated stuff for it.