Sleeping Aboard...our FS 1210

We just purchased a reconditioned FS 1210 last week. Great experience, Harry and Dee are super folks and the boat is great! We ordered the boom tent as we wanted to camp/cruise and sleep aboard. I'm 6'1" @230; I was able to turn sideways slightly and lay down on the cockpit floor with my feet aft and my shoulders about even with the centerboard trunk. It's doable but not a lot of wiggle room. I remember reading some one devised a couple of boards that would bridge the openings between the centerboard trunk and seats making a flat sleeping surface. These boards would be stowed on the cockpit floor when not in use. I would like to contact anyone that has tried this and/or any other method(no use reinventing the wheel)to facilitate sleeping aboard. You can email me directly. Early thanks...John and Joy

John. Welcome to the Flying Scot. I just race and day sail our Scot 5690. What I am interested in is how you came to purchase a re-con boat from Harry? I know that he did this, but I have never seen one. What are some of the decisions you went through, and I know some of us would love to see pictures. You can post the pictures to one of the picture websites and put a link in this forum. Have a great time and good luck with your Scot.

Hello Dave. I sent you an email but decided to reply to your post. I would post photos of our FS 1210 but I'm not savvy enough; hence my email to you so I could get your email and send you photos. Our FS is "like new", grey deck, white sides, dark blue water line and red bottom. About the only thing that isn't new is the mast and boom. The running rigging (jib/main sheets are not new, but still in very good condition); standing rigging is new. The centerboard trunk is shimmed too. The sails have been reconditioned and look very good; I had jiffy reefing installed as well as a topping lift, rudder lifting system, motor mount, boom tent and traveling cover. Harry included a spinnacker as the boat was previously rigged for racing. I think all I would need is the spinnacker pole and running rigging, but we're not interested in racing. I have some sailing experience, my wife has none. If she develops a passion for racing, we can always do that later. For now, it's relaxed sailing and some camp/cruising. I hope to get her wet before the end of the month; weather permitting. We are very pleased with our FS and have already met many nice FS owners' on line. Thanks...John and Joy

First, thanks for the warm welcome and support. I've finally tried out possible sleeping locations on our FS. Seems the easiest is turning my shoulders enough to slip between the seat and centerboard trunk. Once "below" there is ample room for my 6'1" @ 230 lb frame; just have to remember not to raise up in a hurry! The other option is to fabricate boards to bridge the opening between the centerboard trunk and seats. I plan to explore this option and report my findings in time. I welcome any suggestions about how to fabricate these boards; I'm thinking 1/2 inch ply with 2x2 bracing? The idea is to make a flat sleeping platform which will also stow below under the seats. John