first sail in our new Flying Scot

Just wanted to post and share our experiences sailing FS 5890 (Nutmeg) for the first time. Wow! What a blast!

Harry helped us to launch the boat last Tuesday and gave us a sailing lesson. Harry is an excellent teacher. Our heads were swimming with all of the new information to keep track of. I'm sure it'll all be second nature after a few outings but there is a lot to learn (and love) with Nutmeg. Sailing with Harry was fun and informative. He helped us to find the wind and gave us a lot of pointers for sailing around Deep Creek Lake.

Yesterday Jan and I took our first "solo" sail. We drove to the mooring with rigging instructions in hand. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. We managed to get under sail without missing any important details.

The "scariest" part of the day proved to be the dinghy ride too and from the mooring with Nutmeg in tow. No major incidents but Nutmeg did try to pass us once when I turned the dinghy too quickly. :-) I need to get the hang of approaching the mooring and drifting to a stop as we arrive.

I was impressed with the boat (of course!). It doesn't take a whole lot of wind to get her moving and she seems to fly along in a good breeze. I have a lot to learn about tracking the wind, spotting puffs before they arrive, proper sail trim, etc. It'll be fun learning in the Scot and I'm sure we made the right choice in buying her.

Flying Scot 5890