FS vs. Lightning for Gunkholing

Hi. I wanted to ask your opinion of these two boats for gunkholing. I understand that the fS can be singlehanded. I am not sure about the Lightning. I suppose it could with the right sails, yes? What other aspects of each make them good for gunkholing on the Chesapeake? Thanks in advance!

Rich [:D]

I don't believe the Lightning Class allows kick-up rudders. Obviously they can be modified but it is something to consider in the shallow waters of the Chesapeake.

Go and try sailing each boat. i was not aware of the Lightning rudder issue mentioned below. That would need changing to a kick up rudder. Sail each boat with the board half way up, with and without jib. For single handling you will want jiffy reef on the main on either boat. The Scot is pretty standard with seats and a deep cockbit that is comfortable for sitting. Lightning intereors are not so standard. Some have double bottoms, some with fiberglass seats and some with wood seats. Try and see which you like. Double bottoms can leave insufficient seat height. The Scot will have slightly more upright stability and many readers of the forum have single handled the Scot up to fairly high wind speeds. The Scot spinnaker is 200 ft sq vs 300 for the Lightning. I single handle the Scot spinnaker in light airs. The Lightning spinnaker will be more of a chore. If you can't sail them, go sit in each boat with the main rigged so that you get an idea of boom height clearance.
Enjoy FS 3512