sailing @ Deep Creek Lake MD?

We will be taking a short camping trip to Deep Creek Lake State Park (MD) next weekend and I'm wondering what their boat launch facility is like. Has anyone on the forum used it before? We have only a station wagon (no 4x4) to launch with - is it a steep/slippery launch?

Also, a park ranger told me that we could tie up the boat overnight to the dock. We've never done that before, but it seems awfully convenient. However I would hate for the boat to get banged up. Does anyone have advice on that topic for us?

Thanks in advance!

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The state park launch and docks are fine. If you would like to participate in the racing on Sat and Sun, you will need to be on what's known as the South lake (east of the Glendale bridge).

Deep Creek is beautiful and the people are terrific. You will surely have a wonderful time.

Please don't be concerned about tying up your Scot over night at a dock. There are a couple of ways to safely tie up.

1. Tie your boat broadside (parrallel) to the dock on the leeward side if possible, fore and aft. Be sure to use two fenders to protect your boat. The round 12" or larger fenders are best with a Scot (available West Marine and others). Don't tie your boat to tight to the dock, allow it to move some in place. Use the bow handle for the bow dock line and a mooring ring for a stern line.

2. Tie the bow only to the dock at Deep Creek, then tie an anchor to the stern moorning ring. Be sure to have plenty of line for your anchor and a at least 18" to 24" of chain at the anchor end to help it hold on the bottom.

Good luck and have a fantastic time at Deep Creek Lake! There is a terrific pizza place in town on the second floor of a strip center right on the highway.

Fair winds and pleasant sailing days!


Greta & Michael Mittman
Flying Scot South