Ocracoke Island

My wife and I like to go to Ocracoke, NC for the wonderfull quiet beaches and small town. They have some rentals with docks.
It is accessable by ferry.
Can anyone advise if it is a good place to sail on the bay side or should I keep my FS in fresh water?

Ocracoke is a beautiful place, and the sound is potentially a great sailing area. Much of the sound has shallow areas that are less than the 4 feet that a Scot CB will draw. There are inlets from the sound to sea on the east (Hatteras Inlet) and west (Ocracoke Inlet). Both inlets have heavy current at ebb and flood.

There are channels cut in the sound close to the island, which are designed to motor in. If the tide is low, you will find the bottom with your centerboard often, when not in a channel.

I have always wanted to sail over to Portsmouth Island, which was once a bustling little port town, but is now abandoned. I understand the park service oversees the buildings, but it is a ghost town. It is a few mile sail from Ocracoke and would be a cool adventure. You could likely sail the trip in the sound and time it to not cross the inlet during a time of high current.

Portsmouth is to the southwest of Ocracoke. Charts of the area are likely to have significant depth errors, as the sand bottom moves around. I have windsurfed in the area for many years.

Have fun,

Phil Scheetz
FS 4086

Ocracoke is also subject to afternoon sea breezes which can be problematic for even large cruising vessels with auxilary power. I have seen even 30 foot sailboats need a tow up the channel to the ferry dock. However, I guess any area can present those issues depending on the time of day/ year. Good passages!