Hello fellow sailors,

I was wondering if anyone has set up their boat with a small bimini. I've owned a few other boats and am interesed in a small cruiser I can take on extended trips. I've daysailed and raced on a FS and thought they were nice boats. I'm in Texas and it is very hot and a bimini is a nice asset.


This is an interesting question and I have been thinking about it but not tried it. The boom would have to be raised and that is easy. With a second short piece of track on the mast, or an extend track this would be easily done. I have also been noticing that most Scots do not hoist the main all the way to the top of the mast, so you could gain two or three inches there. You could either set up the min with a small jiffy reef or have an old main cut down.

We are cautioned against raising the main all the way to the top because the wire halyard is more prone to breaking. Seems that leaving two or three inches from the top is the way to go.