customflex model info needed

I have just gotten a 18 foot customflex boat. My brother in law gave it to me and told me that it is a flying scot with a cuddy cabin. Does anyone have any information about this boat,like a model name? Am I a pariah in the flying scot world? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

I don't think they made a cuddy cabin model of the Flying Scot. Sounds like the price was right anyhow. Does it have a retractable centerboard? There should be a number on the centerboard housing top, or on the sails. The manufacturer plate should be at the back of the cockpit in thr center. That is where it is on my Scot. I found out mine is a 1968 #1385 (not the 1970 it was advertised as) Check on for some photos and see if it matches up.

The boat was called the Mallard. There were only about 20 built by Customflex in the 1960's. It is 19' and uses the same hull as the Scot with a cuddy cabin deck.

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[br]It ... uses the same hull as the Scot with a cuddy cabin deck.

Does that mean it could be a class legal boat (in regards to artile S-II.1), given all the other requirements are fulfilled?

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