Anchor's Aweigh

I have been looking for a good place to sto my anchor. There are a few things to consider. 1. It must be easy to get to. 2. It must be easy to deploy. 3. The weight should be as close to the center as possible (not on the port or starboard side).
Anybody got any good ideas? Thanks. Stew

This assumes you have a danforth anchor. Install an eyestrap on the port side of the keel, just fore of the tabernacle. Install the eyestrap so one of the round shafts of the danforth will sit vertically in the eyestrap. The stem and blades of the anchor point toward the bow.

Caution... The round shaft may be able to bounce on the hull when trailering your boat. I remove the anchor from the eyestrap before trailering. Alternatively, you may be able to install the eyestrap so the end of the round shaft is always held above the hull.

FSSA Forum editor

Great idea, I'll give it a try. Thank You.

I took some old sailbag material and made a Vee shaped padded pillow to hold my small Danforth anchor, chain, and rode. No rattle, stubbed toes, snagged lines and always ready next to the tabernacle. To deploy I just unzip, remove and into the water the anchor goes.